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The advantages of a land bank throughout the Netherlands

written by Norbert Padt
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Sustainable growth

WDP has a reserve of land of more than 50 hectares. These building sites make it possible to react quickly to the needs of customers seeking a tailor-made building.

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WDP is investing not only in existing logistics buildings but also in a land bank. The existing warehouses can be let straight away. However, WDP can fully customise the building plots to suit the customer’s needs. And as the plot has already been purchased, customers do not have long to wait to start using their distribution centres. 

Martijn Sleutjes, WDP’s Development Manager for the Netherlands, explains: 

A land bank enables us to offer solutions according to a faster, more flexible and tailor-made approach. We are able to offer the best value for money. Many logistics companies are looking for a warehouse that caters for both their short and long-term needs. This sometimes means concluding agreements for the purpose of building in phases. Initially, customers merely rent what they need in the short term, while knowing they can subsequently extend their operations on the same site. The building method can also be adjusted. We will only plan to have a mezzanine, for example, if this is really needed. For the sake of subsequent rentability, we will make the necessary preparations, but there is no need to install this additional workfloor yet. So the customer does not have to pay for this. Such a tailor-made solution helps to improve a customer’s efficiency. We examine the total cost of ownership for the customer and for us, taking all the project’s aspects into account, including the sustainability factor, multimodality, expandibility,…”

The WDP portfolio features a long list of plots: Barendrecht, Bleiswijk (3), Bodengraven, Breda, Eindhoven, Nieuwegein, Schiphol, Tiel. 

Spread all over the Netherlands, these locations are obviously all suitable for logistics and/​or semi-industrial activities. WDP does apply a number of additional conditions for the choice of sites. We prefer sites situated at strategic locations at the crossroads of logistical flows. For example, in the vicinity of a major motorway. Our customers are increasingly seeking a multimodal solution, hence we opt for sites in the vicinity of an inland shipping or rail terminal. But our customers’ goods and staff have to be able to travel to and from the company without any problems, so we also factor a good connection with the public transport system into our assessment, when this is feasible,” 

says Martijn Sleutjes.

One benefit of the available sites is that WDP is able to offer its customers a solution quickly and efficiently. The environmental permit can already be prepared even before the arrival of a customer. A number of preparatory activities can be started straight away: roads, demolition and remediation, soil-drilling tests on the basis of the foundations. This allows a start to be made on the construction. And the buildings are also built on the basis of a tailor-made approach and consultations.

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