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The benefits of building gasless for companies

written by Norbert Padt
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In recent years, the Netherlands, and Groningen in particular, has been shocked by earthquakes, ground and collapsing buildings caused by natural gas extraction. In addition, the enormous emissions of CO2 ensure that global warming continues to evolve with all its consequences. Moreover, fossil fuels are not infinite and will run out at some point.

So it’s time to change course and look for alternatives to natural gas. There are plenty of options for building without gas, not only for residences, but also for businesses. For example, consider the use of electricity, heat pumps, solar panels and infrared panels. But good insulation and heating with heat recovery will also go a long way.

In our first blog about low carbon building, you learned what it means, why it’s becoming increasingly important and whether it’s currently mandatory. In this blog we want to dig a little deeper into gasless constructing for companies and more specifically what added value it has to offer. We discuss the most important benefits of building gas-free for companies.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

One of the biggest advantages of building gasless is that you greatly reduce the ecological footprint of your company. After all, you no longer use fossil fuels, which also reduces CO2 emissions. You therefore immediately contribute to a healthier and more sustainable living environment. If you switch to the use of solar panels, you can generate green energy yourself and thus make your entire organization energy neutral.

Cost saving

Running a gas-free business by means of a sustainable energy supply is of course always an investment, but one that will pay for itself in the long term. Alternatives to energy and heating such as the heat pump are also becoming cheaper and the return on such ecological solutions also increases, which in turn shortens the payback period.

The Dutch government also decided to increase taxes on natural gas in such a way that companies are discouraged from continuing with this fossil fuel. Moreover, electricity is always a bit cheaper to consume than natural gas.

Subsidies for building gasless and other support

In order to limit the investment costs for building gas-free, the government has created a number of interesting subsidies in recent years for the use of sustainable energy solutions, the use of solar panels and heat pumps, and so on.

In addition, in the Netherlands you can make use of counseling programs within various municipalities and regions. These programs were created to help companies with the transition to building gasless.

Attract and retain customers and employees

A final interesting advantage of building gasless for businesses is the sustainable image that goes with it. That may not sound overwhelming right away, but don’t underestimate the power of an ecologically responsible and sustainable image. Due to the increasing attention for global warming and sustainability, customers are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly companies to do business with.

In addition, sustainability and the commitment of a company to contribute to a better living environment are also increasingly decisive factors for potential employees. So if you want to maintain or expand your customer portfolio and attract the best talent, a sustainable perspective is the way to achieve that.

For companies, building gas-free therefore goes a lot further than simply complying with legislation. You enjoy the benefits, both in the short and long term.

In our client case about building gasless you will find out exactly what such a sustainable energy project looks like.
Would you like more extensive information about low carbon constructing for companies? Then quickly download the WDP white paper about gasless entrepreneurship.

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