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WDP further expands the MyWDP client portal

written by Norbert Padt
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The MyWDP digital customer portal recently marked its first anniversary. WDP is celebrating that milestone by adding additional features to its successful platform. MyWDP will also gain many new users now that the tool is being introduced in Romania.

WDP proudly introduced MyWDP, a digital platform where customers could easily find everything related to their WDP warehouse, in the summer of 2021. A year on, Pieter Van Geite (Head of IT & Digitisation at WDP) looks back with satisfaction.

With MyWDP, we built a real one-stop-shop where our customers can quickly find contracts, inspection reports, invoices and other documents. It also allows them to read the energy consumption of their warehouse in real-time, report any incidents through a clear property management system and communicate efficiently with the person they need. MyWDP replaces email communication because things got lost on occasion,” 

explains Van Geite.

Close customer involvement

WDP is not at the centre of MyWDP – the customer is. When the portal was under development, customers were constantly allowed to look over the shoulders of the designers.

MyWDP is a tool that is meant to make life easy for our customers,” 

says Peter Liekens, Product Owner of MyWDP.

Their opinions were decisive. We’re still in touch with customers daily in order to keep improving the tool.”

As a user, we feel very involved in the development of MyWDP,” 

confirms Fritz Timmerman, Prevention Advisor at Neovia Logistics.

We submit our comments and feedback to WDP, and they work on them. Ultimately, we are the ones who benefit from that.”

MyWDP makes our work easier

According to Edwin Koning, Facility Manager at Kuehne+Nagel Group, that angle is key to the success of the customer platform: 

WDP thinks about the customers’ needs, not just its own. The first question they ask is: how can we help our customers? By doing so, MyWDP makes our work easier.”

A year after its launch, MyWDP’s future looks promising. Our Romanian customers will also soon have access to the platform, which will gain some new features. 

We continuously make adjustments to MyWDP based on feedback from our customers,” 

explains Pieter Van Geite of WDP.

For instance, a mobile app is also about to be released that will allow customers to upload photos from inside the warehouse directly into the property management tool.”

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