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WDP’s ESG goals: progress for all our stakeholders

written by Norbert Padt
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An ambitious strategy, with tangible and positive results

A healthy company does not only focus on the figures in its annual account. It is more important than ever to find the appropriate balance between being profitable and having a positive impact on the community within and for which we work.

And that’s exactly why ESG goals – focusing on Environment, Social and Governance – have become an essential part of our daily activities at WDP.

Corporate responsibility: what does that mean?

Economic markets, customer expectations, policies, the role of enterprise in our society… it’s all evolving incredibly fast. In order to grow as a company, it is becoming increasingly important to act responsibly.

Let’s have a look at how we do that at WDP. What is our strategy to reconcile the well-being not only of stakeholders, but also of the planet with the company’s future economic growth?

WDP: a motor for well-being and prosperity

As you know, WDP performs well year after year. That is only possible thanks to the commitment of everyone within #TeamWDP. Even so, there are huge challenges in social, economic and environmental terms. It is important to determine what kind of company we wish to be.

As a leading, innovative company in logistics real estate, we take our responsibility. We are keen to play a positive part in our society, which supports positive change. This is not just some meaningless statement. Our ESG goals are laid out in our annual report, together with specific and measurable goals, which we monitor continuously.

ESG: a positive impact, and results

In the coming period you will discover various articles on our website, which go into more detail on this subject. We show you how WDP continuously improves its activities when it comes to sustainability, human capital and governance. Together we zoom in on:

  • Our Environment ambition
    Sustainability comes naturally to WDP. In every project and every development we create, we carefully consider the ecological footprint and environmental impact.

    By promoting and implementing solutions on renewable energy, responsible energy management and strict sustainability certificates, we actively make our portfolio more sustainable and create awareness among our stakeholders to join us in optimising their own footprint.
  • Our Social ambition
    Equal opportunities is what we aim for within our teams. We carefully monitor gender equality and focus on diversification #TeamWDP with gender-targeted policy.

    We genuinely care for everyone within our teams. We encourage personal development, health and safety in every aspect of our human capital management. But also simply in our approach to internal organisation. WDP is proud of its horizontal organisational structure, in which the managers’ doors are always open. In this way we ensure that every concern or problem is easily discussed.

    However, it does not stop there. We also take our social responsibility on a wider scale. We therefore run social initiatives and donate the profits to those who need it most.
  • Our Governance ambition
    As an international organisation we apply the highest standards when it comes to governance and ethics. Not only for ourselves, but also for our partners and suppliers in all countries in which we operate.

    Our Codes of Conduct – both for our employees, and our suppliers – ensure that our company is founded on honesty, correctness and trust. We are an ambitious player in the market, and observe honest and correct practices and actively encourage others to do the same.

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