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BREEAM Outstanding Interim Certification for Barry Callebaut warehouse

written by Norbert Padt
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Largest chocolate warehouse in the world: outstanding in every way.

Great news! The brand-new Barry Callebaut distribution centre in Lokeren has received the much-coveted BREEAM Outstanding Interim Certification, underscoring the exceptional sustainability features of the largest chocolate warehouse in the world.

The warehouse is truly a first-of-its-kind project, designed to impress at every level. We’re proud that the distribution centre is living up to its billing: becoming a future-proof, green and energy-efficient landmark.

BREEAM Outstanding Interim Certification: what is it?

BREEAM Outstanding is the highest possible certification, that’s awarded upon conformity to strict BREEAM standards. Barry Callebaut’s distribution centre obtained the first-stage certification: the interim – or design stage – certification, a mid-term assessment based on the construction phase of the project.

BREEAM certification is done using a two-tier staggered approach: an interim certification based on studies around design and environmental impact, during the construction stage, and a final, post-construction certification. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to achieving the definitive BREEAM Outstanding Certification after delivery of the project!

An exceptional achievement

This certification is unique, seeing as it’s the only BREEAM Outstanding Certification for a Belgium based warehouse, which spans over 50,000 m². What’s more, the largest chocolate warehouse in the world has attained the highest possible score in both Energy and Health & Wellbeing categories.

The certification is totally in line with Barry Callebaut’s sustainability strategy. By 2025, the company is aiming for a 100% sustainable production of its chocolate. By achieving BREEAM Outstanding Interim Certification, this mission just inched one step closer.

The specs of achieving BREEAM Outstanding

So, what makes this distribution centre so sustainable and energy-efficient? First of all, it’s completely energy positive thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels, a geothermic system for the offices, and heating pumps throughout the building. The innovation is also in the details: every light fixture is extremely energy efficient, and even the elevators’ brake energy is recovered and regenerated.

There’s also a system in place for maximum rainwater harvesting, and an open buffer system on the development’s grounds to optimize water infiltration into the soil. You see, to achieve BREEAM Outstanding status, you have to take into account every little detail of your project.

Great cooperation on all fronts

The collaboration between Barry Callebaut, WDP and the certifying body has been smooth from day one. Even though the project timeline was very ambitious, we’re well on track to delivering within the intended deadline.

Next step?

Achieving the final BREEAM Outstanding Certification for the largest chocolate warehouse in the world!

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