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Electrifying Logistics: Charging Forward with WDP and Nassau Sneltransport

written by Norbert Padt
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In today’s fast-paced world, logistics is the beating heart of commerce. But as businesses strive to meet the demands of consumers, they also grapple with the pressing need for sustainability. Enter Nassau Sneltransport, a company pushing ahead with a vision of future logistics.

Charging Beyond Traditional Fuel 

Nassau Sneltransport, sought-after experts for its rapid transport and courier services, has just elevated its green game. This renowned expert in express and high value transport has introduced two new electric trucks to their fleet, along with the necessary charging infrastructure.

Taking it Step by Step 

Transitioning to sustainable operations isn’t an overnight task,” says Tim Suijkerbuijk, Co-Director of Nassau Sneltransport. Revamping an entire fleet is a step-by-step process. And as we venture into this new chapter, particularly in charging infrastructure, we’re taking a hands-on, pragmatic approach.”

The Challenges and the Chargers 

But this journey isn’t without its challenges. In the Netherlands, there’s a noticeable grid congestion. Drawing adequate power from the grid for vehicle charging is tricky,” explains Tim. Plus, the elephant in the room is the significant investment required for charging infrastructure.

This is where WDP was called in. As Mark Giera, General Manager at Nassau, puts it, Given the substantial costs, we chose to invest only in the vehicles and entrusted WDP with the charging infrastructure. WDP entirely took the load off our shoulders and brought the charging stations to life.”

A Power-packed Solution 

But how exactly did WDP achieve this? Mark Wilderom, Development Manager at WDP, sheds light. When Nassau expressed the need to charge on their premises, it was clear their existing grid connections were limited. Fortunately, WDP has various properties in the vicinity. We built a solar park on the roof of a neighbouring company, Helmer, leveraged the excess power generated and channelled it to Nassau’s charging stations.”

This mutual collaboration means Nassau’s trucks get charged efficiently, making it a true win-win.

Harnessing High-power Charging 

The installed charging station boasts a capacity of 300 kilowatts, split over two charging points. You need only 2.5 hours to fuel a truck from 0 to 100%,” says Mark Wilderom. And with WDP’s support,” Tim Suijkerbuijk adds, we’ve been able to think bigger and better.”

Championing a Sustainable Future 

For Mark Wilderom, it’s all about helping clients focus on their core business while facilitating fleet electrification. Mark Giera envisions Nassau Sneltransport having half its fleet electrified in a decade. With WDP by our side,” he says, we’re confident in expanding our range of electric chargers and solar panels.”

The Future is Electric – Join Us! 

For any logistics company eager to embark on an electrifying journey, WDP stands ready as your expert partner. Together, let’s drive towards a greener, brighter future.

Join us in powering the future of logistics. Electrify with WDP today!

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