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New temperature-controlled warehouse for pharma-logistics service provider Movianto

written by Norbert Padt
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Striking the right balance between technology, innovation and reliability.

Coronavirus vaccines are a crucial cog in the fight against the COVID-19 sanitary crisis. Pharma-logistics service provider Movianto plays a central role in the storage and distribution of the Dutch coronavirus vaccine stock.

WDP is pleased to support the future of this innovative company by creating a brand-new distribution centre in Oss. The new warehouse will be let long-term by WDP and delivered turn-key to Movianto.

An expansion that meets every logistics need

Movianto’s new logistics hub features an expansion of the current location, almost doubling the available amount of usable floor area from 16,000 m² to 30,000 m².

There are strict regulations and guidelines when it comes to storing pharmaceutical products. WDP shall provide for the installation of high-tech cooling and freezing systems, and will pay special attention to security requirements to safeguard vaccine potency and all-round safety in operations.

Cooled or frozen warehouse for the pharmaceutical industry

Temperature-controlled warehouses are in high demand since vaccines are sensitive biological products. Storage of some COVID-19 vaccines, for instance, require storage rooms to be cooled up to ‑75 °C. These so-called ultra-low freezers can achieve temperature lows of ‑80 °C. Did you know that Movianto has the largest supply of ‑40 °C cooling cells in the EU?

We’re working closely with WDP to see how best to optimize our cooled storage to make them as energy-friendly as possible. There are multiple options on the table. Ecology is an important part of our corporate identity.”

Michiel Heller from Movianto

Energy-efficiency and profitability

The cooling demands for pharmaceutical companies are extremely high. There’s an ever-increasing need for logistical spaces that offer reliable, energy efficient cooling solutions that deliver stability that’s beyond reproach. Looking at it from a business perspective, lowering energy costs without compromising efficiency shall ultimately lead to increased operational profitability.

We’re talking about extremely sensitive and complex business processes that cannot accommodate any downtime. Our newly built warehouse is ideal for a partner whose operations demand such flawlessness. On top of that, we’ll need to remain flexible to implement some alterations at the client’s request, making this project utterly challenging – and at the same time, very interesting.”

Martijn Sleutjes of WDP

A collaboration built on trust

Talks about this project between Movianto and WDP have been ongoing for some years now. However, upon the completion of the acquisition of Movianto by the French Walden Group, everything accelerated.

We have a wonderful relationship with Movianto, and the mutual trust has grown over time. That’s very important when working on a complex project such as this one. It’s a collaboration in which all our different fields of expertise come together. And with WDP being the market leader in Benelux and active in France, who knows what our joint future holds?”

Martijn Sleutjes
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The time has finally come, we are now really going to start. We have been busy with the preparations for some time, but now something will soon become visible, such as various construction activities. This is also necessary because we as a company have grown enormously in a short time. We have been at Vorstengrafdonk here in Oss since 2012 and we like it very much. The contacts with the municipality are also very pleasant and constructive. All parties involved understand what kind of important work we do and what social function we have. This makes it very pleasant to work together and we can take the next steps in our services for the Healthcare sector. Not only in the Benelux but also far beyond. After all, we deliver to more than 200 countries worldwide from Oss”.

Michiel Heller — site manager Movianto Netherlands


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