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Distrilog & WDP, growing together

written by Norbert Padt
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The building of a new 20,000 m² warehouse in the Port of Ghent is the one of the highlights of the close relationship between Distrilog and WDP, which has lasted for more than 20 years.

Distrilog is the first tenant on our sites at the Port of Ghent. We have now cleared a major hurdle and I am delighted that Leo Salaerts’ business is the first tenant on this newly developed site. WDP started three years ago with the commercialisation of the WDPort or Ghent site. It took a bit longer before we were able to sign our first contract. The moment has now arrived. Negotiations are still underway because various parties are very keen to established themselves there. The Port of Ghent has an enviable reputation for efficient load handling at competitive rates. The site is also very easy to reach from the expressway,”

says Tony De Pauw, WDP’s CEO.

He stresses the extent to which WDPort of Ghent has benefitted from the constructive cooperation with the Ghent Port Company, Evergem municipality and the City of Ghent. 

The public administration is a reliable partner which has duly honoured its part of the contract, including the installation of the utilities,” 

says Tony De Pauw.

The contract between WDP and Distrilog is part of a partnership that has lasted for more than 20 years. It started with the renting of a warehouse in Puurs, a humble beginning that formed the basis for a constantly expanding relationship. Distrilog now has several other WDP buildings at various locations, including Willebroek, Geel and Vilvoorde. 

We operate according to a long-term approach, a key component of which is trust. Our tenants realise that we build top-quality warehouses that are cost-effective in the long term. We keep our promises. Customers are able to experience that themselves hence their trust grows over the years. I am certain that this is the main reason why Distrilog has continued to be our customer all these years. Consequently, we hope Distrilog will continue to expand and we will be able to extend the warehouse in Ghent in a few years’ time,” 

says Tony De Pauw.

The good relationship between the companies is also a reflection of a special understanding: Distrilog and WDP are both organisations where the family owners are at the helm. Although WDP is a regulated real estate company (formerly an investment fund), the De Pauw family is still the reference shareholder there. Tony De Pauw was active from the very start in the company his father Jos helped to launch. He and Joost Uwents have headed the company together for 10 years now. Tony De Pauw: 

WDP’s family character is entirely consistent with the Distrilog approach: founded by Leo Salaertshe is now assisted by his sons Philip and Frederik.”

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