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Behind the scenes of WDP’s new project for Rust-Oleum

written by Norbert Padt
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Let’s go behind the scenes of a groundbreaking project we’re working on for Rust-Oleum. To give you all the details, we’ve spoken with Martin Smits, the Site Manager at SPS, a part of Rust-Oleum, and Andreas Vermost, the Development Manager at WDP.

A New Home for Rust-Oleum’s Products

Martin, let’s start with you. You’re soon relocating your paint products to a brand-new warehouse. Was it challenging to find a new location?

Martin: The biggest challenge was finding enough space. We need 60,000 m² of warehouse storage for our paint-related products, many of which are hazardous. This means the storage must comply with specific regulations, including obtaining a Seveso permit for the flammable products we store. Besides the permit, a built-to-suit project like this requires a thorough design process, such as planning the fire compartments.”

Rust-Oleum has chosen a central location in Genk. The groundwork has already begun, and this warehouse will cover 30,000 m². Martin, was the central location in Genk a deliberate choice?

Martin: Absolutely. We wanted a strategic location to serve our core markets in Germany, Benelux, France, as well as important segments in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, ensuring deliveries within 24 to 48 hours. WDP always invests in multimodal locations. Genk provides excellent access to nearby highways, the Albert Canal for waterway transport, and several airports for air transport. This multimodal connectivity is a significant advantage in logistics.”

Sustainability at the core

Andreas, how does this project reflect WDP’s commitment to sustainability?

Andreas: We have an 11-hectare site, with an initial phase of a 30,000 m² warehouse, expandable to 60,000 m². This scalability is a sustainable feature. Furthermore, the building will achieve BREEAM certification, our minimum standard. It will be state-of-the-art and futureproof.”

Martin, I understand there’s a unique aspect to this project’s sustainability efforts involving grasses?

Martin: Indeed. In our sustainability efforts, we relocated the reeds that were on the 11-hectare site to maintain biodiversity. This initiative reflects our commitment to preserving the environment while developing our new facilities.”

Rust-Oleum’s products will soon be moving into this state-of-the-art warehouse, with the completion date set for January 2025. This project is not just about expanding storage capacity but also about strategic location and sustainable development.

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