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Biodiversity at the forefront of WDP’s new project in Breda

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We proudly present our latest project: WDP Prinsenhil Logistics Park in Breda. This unique building will not only accommodate five different companies but also serve as an example of how biodiversity and sustainability can be integrated into logistics infrastructure. In contrast to traditional grey warehouses, Prinsenhil will blend into the surroundings and contribute to the restoration of local fauna and flora.

An innovative approach to architecture

WDP understands that the logistics sector is not always known for its commitment to biodiversity. Therefore, we have decided to take a new direction with WDP Prinsenhil Logistics Park. The building will have a contemporary design with a lowered front and rounded corners. This design provides a modern and harmonious appearance while also allowing space for green facades and roofs.

The importance of green spaces

To promote biodiversity, WDP Prinsenhil Logistics Park will be surrounded by natural elements. Approximately a hundred trees and thousands of shrubs will be planted, benefiting not only the local flora and fauna but also creating a pleasant working environment for employees. In addition, a wadi and water-permeable paths and driveways will be created to prevent drought during heatwaves and improve water management.

Protecting animals in their natural habitat

The Prinsenhil Logistics Park not only offers a green landscape but also provides a safe haven for various animal species. Natural shelters will be provided for birds and bats to nest and reproduce, promoting local biodiversity and contributing to the preservation of endangered species.

Focus on native plant species

WDP recognizes the importance of native plant species for biodiversity. By choosing plants that naturally occur in the area, the local ecology is supported, and the negative effects of invasive species are avoided. Prinsenhil will be surrounded by a variety of native plants, creating a habitat that is favorable for both plants and animals.

A healthy working environment

The focus on biodiversity in Prinsenhil benefits not only nature but also the people working there. WDP understands that a green environment contributes to the well-being and productivity of employees. Therefore, tailor-made walking paths will be created, allowing colleagues to enjoy a relaxing walk in the greenery during their lunch breaks. Breda is a vibrant city with many young students, and Prinsenhil offers a working environment where one would love to work.

Curious about our approach? Take a sneak peek in the preview video below.

With Prinsenhil in Breda, WDP takes an important step towards a more sustainable and biodiverse logistics sector. By integrating green elements, native plant species, and animal protection, Prinsenhil not only creates a functional building but also a place where humans and nature coexist in harmony. WDP hopes that this project can serve as an inspiration for other companies in the logistics sector, contributing to a greener future.

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