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Sustainable giant put into operation

written by Norbert Padt
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On 7 July, the new distribution centre that WDP built in partnership with X20 Badkamers was opened festively. During the inauguration at the Kluizendok in Ghent, we called on Kristof De Witte (General Manager WDP Belux & France) for some more information about this unique logistics project.

Largest in Belgium

WDP expanded the WDPort of Ghent logistics park at the North Sea Port with a gigantic distribution centre where the retailers X2O Badkamers and Exterioo (formerly Overstock Garden) will establish themselves for the long term. The total investment amount for this project is about EUR 80 million.

So why is this such a unique project? Kristof De Witte (General Manager WDP Belux & France) explains:

With its 150,000 m², this building is the largest distribution centre under one roof in Belgium today. The section already in use houses X2O Badkamers’ products, while the section still to be finished will accommodate Exterioo. The site is also unique because it’s trimodal, so you can get there by ship, train, or lorry. This is really important for X2O Badkamers because many of their products come from China via the container terminal.’

Extremely sustainable

The new distribution centre is both extremely large and extremely sustainable. 

A gigantic solar farm will be installed on the roof, making the building CO2-positive so to speak. So, it will generate more energy than it consumes. And the building is extremely well insulated, rainwater is recovered, and the urinals don’t use any water. Of course, LED lighting is also installed everywhere.’

Kristof De Witte

Indoor and outdoor

Kristoff De Witte also talked about the loading bays:

On the inbound side of the warehouse, the goods arrive in large lorry containers. These lorries come directly from the container terminal. So, these don’t need to use the public road. On the outbound side, the goods leave the distribution centre in smaller lorries that drive to the different retail outlets.’

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